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Talking to Boomers in your life, about cannabis.

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By now I think it’s safe to say that you, Cannasseur Magazine reader, enjoy cannabis. You indulge on a regular basis, unapologetically. 

My question is — have you told your parents/“boomer(s)” in your life? Maybe you’re lucky, and you’re one of the few who openly indulge with your folks, in which case, so many props to you. There are so many who do not have that same good fortune and still have not told the elders in their lives that they consume cannabis. For many, it’s often linked to memories of their parents telling them that drugs are evil, including cannabis; or hearing their parents talk about people who have abused drugs (like heroine) and have connected cannabis use to folks who are strung out. Nonetheless, there are still many grown adults who have not come out and told the elders in their lives about their cannabis use. 

Thankfully we’re in 2020, and it turns out, even the loving boomer in most of our lives is consuming some aspect of the cannabis plant. We sat down this week with Miriam Aristy-Farer of “Herbas Bodycare,” who uses her bodycare line to educate consumers about cannabis and its many benefits. Miriam has a particular focus on folks 55+ — talking to them directly about ways they can use CBD and proudly accept cannabis into their lives.

Since we started this podcast almost a year ago, we learned almost immediately that cannabis isn’t just for millennials and Gen Z’ers, but instead, so many of our parents have been using it for decades – cannabis sees no age. We love that people like Rob Mejia of Our Community Harvest, who is also an avid tennis player, openly talks to folks about ways to use the cannabis plant for recovery after working out; and the industry period knows that if you’re not talking to boomers about cannabis, then you are totally missing out. 

Here are some quick points to keep the conversation going with the older folks in your life :

  1. Decades of stigma has created so many cannabis myths that they have grown up with: Remember our review of Reefer Madness? Start by demystifying the plant. 
    1. Harry Anslinger was a racist bigot who made cannabis illegal because he was afraid of brown and black people.
    2. The war on drugs has devastated many frontline communities
    3. The cannabis plant has never actually killed anyone, in comparison to other Schedule 1 drugs
  2. Cannabis is medicine: You can literally buy CBD-infused product everywhere. Talk to them about some of their ailments and how CBD can help them.  
    1. Cannabis is now being used for kids with epilepsy disorders
    2. We have natural receptors in our bodies 
  3. Flower is not the only way: When folks think about cannabis, they think about flower, but we all know that thanks to science and the brilliance of cannabis experts, one can consume cannabis so many different ways. So be their guide!
  4. Help the experts guide your conversation. There are videos like this that talk about reasons why people use cannabis (xanax and sleeping pills being replaced by cannabis medicine).

We hope that this helps your conversations with the boomers in your life! Check out our podcast this week, so you can hear how Miriam talks to folks about cannabis.

Happy indulging, yall!!

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