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All these headlines rotating, when you stop to do the math the cannabis industry is making some good progress on fixing decades of unjust convictions.

“In a sweeping move, Los Angeles Country District Attorney Jackie Lacey announced that her office has asked the court to dismiss nearly 66,000 marijuana convictions dating back decades.”

Los Angeles is working towards dismissing 66k, PLUS San Diego just announced motions to dismiss 25,000!

So maybe we’re almost 91,000/220,000 ? If these numbers are accurate… here’s what we’re finding:

According to an absolutely genius algorithm by Code for America, it’s figured that there are more than 220,000 eligible marijuana cases for being cleared or reduced.

So as to get a past conviction diminished or expelled, the weight tumbled to the individual indicted — a procedure thought about exorbitant, tedious and confounding. Therefore, only 3% of individuals who meet all requirements for help got it, as indicated by the impartial gathering Code for America.

Cannasseur Magazine

They saw a chance to help the excess of somewhere in the range of 220,000 cases, the association built up a calculation to recognize which inhabitants meet all requirements to have their records cleared or decreased. Presently, head prosecutors over the state are acknowledging the gathering for speeding up an in any case moderate and dreary procedure.

The gathering’s calculation works by breaking down gigantic datasets of criminal records that satisfy head prosecutors’ qualification guidelines. The subsequent item is a neat database that pinpoints the individuals who are able to have their feelings either facilitated or through and through rejected.

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