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BlueDream Radio – Cannasseur Post #13 !

“Season 2, Episode 3 – “Creatives for Cannabis.”

I can’t tell you how many times I felt stuck, either when I was writing or planning or just trying to get to the next step with the podcast and after sparking one up, I became “unstuck,” flowed my flow, and created some pretty amazing stuff. Or simply just created some next level stuff while smoking and following my brain on whatever wavelength it was on: my podcast, BlueDream Radio was created that way!

BlueDream Radio, Cannasseur Magazine

For centuries some of our greatest thinkers and creatives have turned to cannabis to help tap into an area of their brains that allowed the creative energy to flow untethered. In the U.S., it was early jazz players who unabashedly used cannabis, and often spoke about cannabis helping them with their creativity. Music greats like Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong, used cannabis and spoke about how cannabis helped them to resolve anxiety, and allowed them to make some of the best music – music that has absolutely stood the test of time. And yet, they were demonized, and hunted by then U.S. “drug czar,” and staunch racist, Henry Anslinger. 

In more recent history, hip-hop and rap artists alike, Snoop Dog, Ghostface Killah, and Method Man, have unapologetically spoken about cannabis in their music. Folks all know that cannabis usage is so much more than something folks try out in their youth, but instead is a key to unlock parts of ourselves that we know exist, but don’t know quite how to reach. 

Those of us who subscribe to Cannasseur Magazine and other cannabis-centered periodicals can all talk about moments when cannabis has really helped us push past a block, or taken off the edge, and allowed us to create something dope. 

An example of this in particular is the singer-songwriter we interviewed for this week’s episode of the podcast. Lauriana Mae’s sultry flow and heart-wrenching lyrics, puts listeners in a trance that takes you back to the hayday of R&B/neo-soul, when Erykah Badu and Mary J. Blige, blasted the airways, and had everyone singing tunes straight from their soul. Lauriana Mae, talks to us about the clear difference in her music projects from one album to the next, and how cannabis has made her into the musician she is today. She knows that her music, her sound, her lyrics, even her as a person, are all vibrating at the highest level, because of cannabis. She was, and still is a really shy person, but cannabis has allowed her to work through the anxiety and let her inner extrovert out. 

Click here to listen to BlueDream Radio Season 2 Episode 3 !

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