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The newest Levi’s® Wellthread™ x Outerknown Spring/Summer collection features the company’s first foray into the use of a new form of “cottonized hemp” denim – hemp that’s been altered to feel just like cotton. The collection is emblematic of the company’s continued commitment to innovation and sustainability while still delivering on the incredible quality expected… View Article

Featured Cannasseur Source: New Levi’s® Wellthread™ x Outerknown Features Groundbreaking Cottonized Hemp – Levi Strauss & Co : Levi Strauss & Co

The most current Levi’s® Wellthread™ x Outerknown Spring/Summer assortment includes the organization’s first dive into the utilization of another type of “cottonized hemp” denim – hemp that has been changed to feel simply like cotton.

The assortment is meaningful of the organization’s proceeded with duty to development and maintainability while as yet conveying on the staggering quality anticipated from the Levi’s® brand. Outerknown, the maintainable attire organization established by Pro Surfer Kelly Slater, is additionally the ideal accomplice given its very own responsibility to sustainable structure and materials.

The hemp experienced a procedure created by fiber innovation experts that mellowed the material, giving it a look and feel that is practically vague from cotton. It denotes a significant economical advance as the ecological advantages of hemp have for some time been known – it requires far less water and land in the developing stage and has a littler impression than traditionally known cotton.

Together, these leaps forward exhibit our capacity to accomplish important manageable advancement in the field, for architects, colleagues, and customers the same.

Search for a greater amount of this notable treatment and utilization of hemp in the Fall Levi’s® Wellthread™ x Outerknown joint effort and other Levi’s® pieces of clothing sooner rather than later.

Jeans and Cannabis (Hemp) - Cottonized Hemp Fabric Cannasseur Clothing

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