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“I would be delighted to see Tesla integrate Cannabis or Hemp. That would excite me. Ultimately, it’s in line with the Tesla Motors’ ethical views of efficiency and ecological standards.”

Says an anonymous Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) Shareholder, and a medical cannabis user.
Tesla Cannabis Motors Hemp Ideas

Steve DeAngelo posts Cannabis Tesla Motors Logo Edit on Instagram

Written by Q and the Cannasseur Family Team!

Cannasseurs! Did you see this image floating around the web? Wondering what’s up and where can I get my weed car?! Well, sorry to disappoint- cannabis Tesla doesn’t exist…yet.

Steve DeAngelo captioned the image:

One of the values that cannabis teaches us is to be more conscious in the choices we make.

For me, this means being kind to one another, animals and the planet. The intelligence of this plant led me to buy a #tesla about two years ago motivated by the intention to be more environmentally conscious.

Knowing what we know about hemp, wouldn’t it be wonderful if @elonrmuskk began developing a hemp based Tesla?
Imagine the possibilities.🤔🌱
#hemptesla #hemp #cannabis plantbased #ecofriendly

#henryford #hempcar #technology #innovation #cleanenergy

#carbonneutral #carbonsequestration #graphene #bioplastics

#strongerthansteel #betterfortheplanet #betterchoices

#industrialhemp #biomass #justsaying

Steve DeAngelo

Cannabis leaf intertwined with sexy Tesla logo looks so promising, whether for hemp based cars and technology, cannabis fuel, or maybe an electric doobie-dispenser installed in the backseat. That’s just our first take.

We’re already tagging Elon Musk and Company to get the party started.

Weed-mobiles? What’s it going to take to make Cannabis Cars happen?

“Canna-Car… Marijuana-mobile?” Cannasseur Q (Quinn Pascal) speculates.

Cannasseurs noticed Mr. DeAngelo started the FRESH hashtag…. #hemptesla .

We’re here for it, Cannasseurs and Stoners. Are you?

One Love, Don’t forget to smile!

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