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Yooo did you catch it? 4:20 somewhere spontaneous livestream to spread the love. (Click here or below to watch the playback!)

12 rad things (none sponsored) along with 12 bong rips, all under 12 minutes.

Livefree420365 ft. Cannasseur Q Sweatshirt:

  • Not sponsored, some affiliate links, all honest opinions.
  1. Mouth Peace by Mooselabs! (link)
  2. Mooselabs filter (link)
  3. Ceramic Bong! (link to creator)
  4. CCELL Palm! (link)
  5. The Silo (link)
  6. Plain old vape batteries by CCELL (link)
  7. Empty Carts (emphasis on empty) (link)
  8. Coto Made Pax case! (link)
  9. Coto stash jar! (link)
  10. Icky ! (link)
  11. Icky Humidor (link)
  12. TryPlainJane CBD Flower ‘Wife’ ( link <3 )


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