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BlueDream Radio – Cannasseur Post #10

“Episode 21 – Winter Solstice Playlist”

BlueDream Radio

As we sign off for the holidays, we wanted to leave you Cannasseurs with a playlist that you can jam to and embrace the new year/decade with. 2019 was a pretty great year policy-wise for cannabis legalization. You can read about our policy round up here.

Whatever your ritual is for the winter solstice, or if you don’t have a ritual, here is our playlist of amazing artists of color for you all to enjoy – and just as a spoiler, it’s a combination of mainstream and underground jams – so enjoy the introduction to some of these amazing artists or listening to other artists that you already love.

Freedom-Love’s picks: These are the songs I curated throughout Season 1. I got these songs from a combination of my love for listening to new artists I find on SoundCloud, and songs that come to mind post-production while I edit our episodes. 

  1. Medication – Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley
  2. Jammin – Bob Marley
  3. Love to the City – Lauriana Mae
  4. Hella Black – Tobe Nwigwe
  5. Toxic – Dounia
  6. Stella – Arnold Maivia
  7. Glow up – Oshun
  8. Krippy Kush – Farruko, Nicki Minaj, Bad Bunny
  9. Tequila Mockingbird – Smino
  10. Whoa – Black Rob
  11. Toast (Rahpha edit) – Koffee
  12. No le pegue a la negra – Joe Arroyo: We have not featured this song on any of our episodes, but it is always on heavy rotation in all of my holiday family get togethers (you know, the type that start off small and then half of your family ends up at your crib twirling & dancing? And the night hits its climax when a family member breaks out the karaoke, amiright?).

Our Beloved past guests added their favorite songs:

  1. Nobody Needs Nobody – Playa Fly from Dr. Shenell Evans
  2. Halloween – Marilyn Manson from Bree
  3. Movie Roll – Arnold Maivia from Vixxle Lame (Arnold Maivia was the name of Vixxle Lame’s previous projects).

Eli G’s picks:

  1. Truth Hurts – Lizzo

My co-host feels like she is super late to the Lizzo party, but has jumped in and unceremoniously conferred the term of Lizzo “Disciple” on herself. One of her biggest Lizzo selling points is the fact that Lizzo is a classically trained flute player and her “give no fucks” attitude about life and peoples negativity – she just wants to spread happiness to the world – who wouldn’t love that?

  1. El Espanto – Balun

EliG spent the last quarter of this year writing her heart out and Balun was the artist that helped unlock 10-years’ worth of writers block. Balun, is a quartet from the island of Puerto Rico. These Boricas blend together some of the most unique sounds that can easily place listeners in a trance.

  1. Pam Pam Pam Pam – King Voz & Willie Crillz

… because who doesn’t like them a little taste of rachetivity seasoned throughout their playlists? King Voz is an underground artist from the Dominican Republic, who resides in New York City. 

  1. Drogba – Afro B

The best way EliG combats this frigid northeast winter weather is by listening to summertime faves that remind her of a time when weather was so hot and sticky and loved every bit of that humidity blanket. This song was blasting all over NYC this summer.

  1. Feels like Summer – Childish Gambino

So yes, another situation where Eli G is super late to the game; Eli G’s niece put her on to Childish Gambino this past week, and that became music she was listening to while cooking and thinking, “why didn’t I listen to Free sooner when he said to listen to Childish Gambino?” In the spirt of all things that reminds us of amazing times of the summer, here’s another summer tune.

Enjoy your holidays! If you’re road tripping, you can listen to our playlist and to catch up/relisten to Season 1 of BlueDream Radio.

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