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CCell Palm Vape Battery Short Review | Meet Vape Parts Mart, VPM
  • So small!
  • Effective
  • Sleek
  • Only 510 Cartridges
  • So small.
4.4Overall Score

What is the CCell Palm?

A palm-sized vape battery! Let’s review.

You may be familiar with the CCELL type of battery already. This one is lithium-ion based and micro USB rechargeable.

Each Palm battery comes with two magnetic adapters for your favorite 510 thread cartridges. The majority of legal cannabis vape cartridges will be this type, so no worries on finding a selection in a dispensary near you.

Who is Vape Parts Mart?

VPM aka Vape Parts Mart is an honest vaporization parts distributor est. 2014.

Whether you’re a Cannabis Connoisseur or tobacco cloud chaser seeking the best selection of devices, they have you covered.

How do I use the Palm?

The Cannasseur team adores how simple CCell vape products are to use!

Once you’ve screwed the magnetic adapter to the bottom of your oil cartridge, it will perfectly click into the Palm sized aluminum housing.

Then, Inhale.

That’s all. Really! We’ve found there’s a technique to “puff puffing” it up. This is coming from a Pacific Northwest standpoint where you have to be considerate about the temperature of the oil. If it’s thick and cold, it will take an inhale or two to warm it up to vaping temperature.

Do Cannasseurs recommend Ccell Batteries?

We definitely recommend the CCell Palm battery for anyone that vapes- it’s a kind kit essential. Or purse pot standard. It’s so small, it’ll fit wherever you need it!

The only major downside to this vape battery is that it IS so effectively small. Be sure to not lose it.

Not sure the CCell Palm Battery is for you?

Stay tuned for our upcoming reviews of their full battery line— one may be for you!

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