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Smoke Heir Waterpipe | Cannasseur Review
The Smoke Heir Waterpipe is an all around fantastic piece for cannabis users. Whether you prefer a pipe or a bong, this is for you!
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When the team at Cannasseur Magazine received the Smoke Heir Waterpipe, it delighted us to find out it’s not just another cannabis bong or marijuana pipe.

(This is NOT a paid review, however it does contain affiliate links at no extra cost to you!) Written by Cannasseur Q and Staff

Cannasseur Magazine Reviews Smoke Heir Waterpipe Bong Gift for Stoners

What is ‘Smoke Heir’?

The Heir Waterpipe, originally known as the Aura Water Pipe, by ‘Smoke Heir’ is a smoking utensil that qualifies as a water pipe with its solid design with medical-grade materials. It gives a cool draw and easy hit that is safe for your lungs.

Read their recently released Heir history!

The Waterpipe Physical Make

The Heir Pipe product aesthetic speaks clearly of sleek elegance. There’s a specially carved metal poker with one spoon-like end for bowl scraping and the other a tapered end for clearing the hole. Both match the size and curvature of the bowl for nearly flawless ashing!

The wide, solid base of thick glass tapers to an elegant, forked ceramic mouthpiece and bowl. The metal bowl nestles perfectly in the ceramic with a rubber ring to prevent loud noises or chipping. This sturdy water pipe is the klutzy cannasseur’s dream bong; it feels durable and stable in the hands of the cannabis smoker.

We were pleasantly surprised to find the hidden feature of lighter storage as well. Say what?! Drop the lighter right into the mouth piece and it’ll stay close where you can grab it again easily. No, it doesn’t fall through into the bong water!

Being able to store our lighter has been an unexpected game-changer. We lose our lighters way less with this feature and have upped our tidying game.

The poker can also be stored in the mouth piece if you have slightly more nimble fingers. It doesn’t fall through, with or without a lighter to buffer! You can unscrew the Heir to access the poker if you can’t get it out, easy peasy.

Cannasseur Magazine Reviews Smoke Heir Waterpipe

Getting the Perfect Hit with Smoke Heir; A How-To

  1. Put ice cubes in water chamber and a bit of water. The percolator is low so you can choose exactly how deep you want the bubbles. You can choose how much water and ice you want, controlling the air space in the chamber. (We also enjoy putting ice in the mouthpiece so when it melts, the ceramic stays cold!).
  2. Screw it all together, super simple with only four parts. One part being the bowl, so you only have to twist the pieces together twice!
  3. Grind your weed and fill the bowl. – The Cannasseur team found that the Heir Pipe smokes best when you grind your weed first. Finger-loading is totally fine, but not as dependable for an easy snapper as a ‘regular bong’. – (Side note: They don’t claim to be a bong. We didn’t understand why at first, but after thorough usage Cannasseurs agree this ‘Heir’ definitely smokes like a WaterPipe.) – The Bowl is SUPER EASY to load. The flat round design encourages all little weed nugs to fall perfectly into place instead of all over the floor!
  4. Smoke! (Heir!) – You can load a 1-2 hit bowl for yourself, or load it as you would a ‘camp-fire bowl’. This means fill it to the brim, light one corner for your rip, and then pass it to the next person to sesh.


The only notable downside to the Heir could be the piece’s weight. Some Cannasseur team members wondered if it was too heavy for chronically ill patients or those with less arm muscle. Luckily, the pipe sits on a tabletop at nearly the perfect height to smoke from it- no heavy lifting required.

We also debated over the suction. The less strong, smaller-mouthed team members had a slightly more difficult time pulling smoke through. One remedy we found was to fill the chamber with more ice and water. This way the air space in the chamber is reduced, which keeps the smoke fresher and the pull smoother. Ultimately, a minor non-issue after various team members figured out how they like theirs set up, including how much weed is loaded into the bowl.

For whom is the Smoke Heir Waterpipe?

We recommend the Smoke Heir Waterpipe to any cannabis smoker who prefers a water-filtered, or bong, experience. We especially believe office tokers will appreciate the elegant design in an office-desk setting. It’s heavy, wide base will help it to stay upright if absent-mindedly nudged in a late night work and toke session.

To our surprise after accidentally knocking it against several counters, the Heir seems to be indestructible to daily life!

The Heir Waterpipe offers a great choice to give the cannabis connoisseur or new stoner friend for a birthday or the holidays.

Imagine passing around the Heir Waterpipe at a New Year’s Eve party; the sturdy construction would even be safe in the least coordinated hands!

Is this a one-time novelty pipe? Not at all! The Cannasseur Magazine team will keep using it regularly. In fact, we’ve been passing it the whole time while we write this.

Part of why the Smoke Heir Waterpipe makes a fantastic gift is because of it’s durable nature.

If you want a pipe-lenth sesh or a big bowl and meditative breaths, this is our new go-to cannabis flower smoking utensil to recommend.

Curious what the out-of-the-box Heir experience is like? Watch Cannasseur Q unbox the Smoke Heir on camera on TheWeedTube by clicking here!

Or get your own Smoke Heir Waterpipe HERE now! Treat yo’self or a loved one!

(Not sponsored, yes affiliate links, yes all 100% our honest opinions.)

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