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King Palm Leaf Wraps Review
Product Quality
Corn Husk Filter
Smoke Quality
Sesh Ability
5.0Overall Score

What are King Palm Wraps?

King Palm Leaf Wraps are the best alternative to blunts or even cigars for the cannabis connoisseur.

These rolls are made from the Borage (aka Cordia) leaf- a natural, sustainable resource. The filters are made from corn husks and the packing sticks are bamboo. The Cannasseur Magazine team feels so much better knowing we can throw King Palm roaches in the compost!

First Impressions of Cordia/Borage Leaf Rolls

When you open a pack of King Palms, you’ll find your wraps and a bamboo stick to pack the weed in . The bamboo sticks come in different sizes along with the different size rolls.

Your first and every Cordia Leaf roll greets you with a thin green instructional paper. Remember to remove this before packing your wrap. King Palm even helps you remember with a little “remove this!” on the piece that sticks out of the top!

Before even lighting up, we were impressed with the elegant and elevated aesthetic of King Palms.

King Palm Product Quality

Each King Palm Leaf Roll is handmade and natural. King Palm clarifies on their website that their definition of natural means the borage leaves were grown cleanly (no gnarly fertilizers) and are free of artificial flavor. King Palm won over Cannasseurs hearts with their tobacco-free, zero glue (and still no need to lick!), and handmade charm.

Borage leaves are related to the sage plant family, they’re safe to smoke, and grow back shortly after being harvested. The natural taste is incredible- especially paired with the cool filtered smoke.

The corn husk filters add the the elevated experience when you smoke a King Palm leaf wrap too! They’re dense and delightful to draw from. After a sesh you can see how much resin was filtered out by paying attention to the color of the filter. Our lungs seem to feel cleaner after smoking one of these rolls, and not just because of the magic of the Cordia leaf!

King Palm Roll Cons

The only problem we encountered with King Palms is the inconsistent zip locks. Each pack is a bag made of thick, flexible plastic that lays flat. There’s a resealable zip lock feature for each pack to make sure your leaves stay hydrated.

Sometimes the bag won’t open properly and we have to cut through the zip lock to get it open, or stay closed with the bag still open. This is a bummer when it happens because the king palm leaf wraps need to stay at a certain moisture level so they don’t dry out and crack.

Our solution to this is simply to put the pack inside another zip lock bag from our kitchen.

That’s about the only downside to King Palm that my team found. We could argue that they burn a little faster than slower, but then we realized it was simply how we were packing the rolls.

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Smoke Quality from King Palm Leaf Wraps

Ok so it’s established that the corn husk filters are awesome. Cool, clean, flavorful smoke. The smoke produced from the hand rolled wraps is so thick yet relaxes your lungs to take in a larger hit than normal.

If you like seeing clouds or practicing smoke tricks, these leaf wraps are especially for you. You’ll find yourself french inhaling every time a King Palm Leaf Wrap is passed to you because the smoke is delicious enough to be enjoyed twice.

Even bottom shelf bud tastes good in a King Palm.

We also noticed and enhanced high from the leaves, although we also speculated if it was just the quantity of weed/how slow it was burning. The Borage leaf definitely adds a different level to your high. Cannasseurs noticed increased body relief all over plus a higher head high.

Final Notes on King Palms

We love how you can use the bamboo stick to help pack the wrap densely for a sexy slow-burn, and you can really pack your cannabis bud in there! The leaf seems to have elasticity to it that helps each King Palm hold .5 to 5 grams of weed.

Cannabis connoisseurs are going wild for these everywhere.

Cannasseur Magazine looks for the highest quality product and we report back to you with 100% review honesty. King Palm is our new favorite wrap.

If you follow the ‘Cannagar’ trend, this is the next new wave. When you take your time to stuff the leaf roll with chunky cannabis bud, you get the same effect (without the full thai-stick process).

King Palm has the roll game on lock and is pushing the realm of luxury cannabis to new heights!

From the smallest Rollie to the XXL, Cannasseur Magazine highly recommends King Palm Leaf Wraps.

Want to hear more on how we enjoy King Palms over here at Cannasseur Magazine? Comment below for a chance to be feature in our follow up!

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